c l i m b    t h e    c l i f f

You need a lot of chalk...the more you fall, the
more chalk you need (golden-chalk-rule No. 1)

Take a big can, fill in your chalk and put a portion in your chalkbag for each go (take a little bit more, when the cliff is greazy).
Don't use chalkballs - they don't work for cliff-climbing because they get damp quickly.

Before you start climbing, make your hands really dry (golden-chalk-rule No. 2). You're going to sweat a lot, and if your hands look like this before you start, you'll be fraught with problems earlier than necessary.

That's the right amount of chalk on your hands before you start to climb....don't grab in guano while climbing (golden-chalk-rule No. 3).

That's too much....